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“We do not accept Leak droid to be treated Leak droid forum like this. We just find funding for our activities, not to eat. Highest we ask leaders to investigate the case. Many witnesses who saw the police brutality,”he said.

Number of patients to be hospitalized at the General Hospital of Tarakan, Central Jakarta, during the last few days have got room queue. It happened because of all the rooms in the hospital are reportedly full. The patients were participants of the Healthy Jakarta Cards accommodated temporarily in the ER room.

Based on data from Information Section Tarakan Leak droid, Wednesday ( 6/11 ), Leak droid forum there are 26 patient participants Jakarta Health Card ( KJS ) that line got room. They are still in the Emergency room ( ER ), inpatient waiting room empty. Based on the search Kompas, there are patients who are lining up since Saturday ( 2/11 ).